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The Association provides funding for a variety of purposes under the following schemes.

General Grants

Grant aid is available to parish councils and voluntary organisations towards the cost of providing children’s recreational facilities only. The maximum grant is £1,000 per application and payment will be made upon completion and inspection of the project and the submission of receipted accounts.
There are also small grants available towards the upkeep etc of artificial wickets, the amount of these grants is dependent on the scheme and at the discretion of the Loans and Grants Committee. These grants are available at any time to members.

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The Virgo Awards

Awards open to young cricketers to assist with their coaching/training etc. up to £300 in any one year.

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The Wykeham Stanley Lord Cornwallis Memorial Fund

The fund is now administered by The Kent Trust For Youth Sport.All enquiries should be directed to or by post to the following address: The Chair of the Trustees, Kent Trust For Youth Sport,
PO Box 674
Kent ME1 9JQ

Hawkes Memorial Fund

This award provides financial assistance for young sportsmen and women, between the ages of 12 and 20, in Kent.
The maximum award will be £300 and payable to the applicant following a successful request and application process unless a request for payment, or part payment, in advance is approved by the Association.
Successful applicants would be expected to endorse the KCPFA. The conditions are not onerous, but do ask that a representative of the Association be invited to any event, that support from the Association is acknowledged in any publicity material and press releases, and that following an event; a photograph is sent to the Association with a short report on the activities.

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The Edwin Boorman Memorial Award

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Loans are available to assist with the purchase, layout and extension of playing fields and the provision, modernisation and adaptation of children’s playgrounds, pavilions, clubhouses, sports halls and other recreation facilities.
The maximum loan offered per application will be £25,000 or 80% of the cost of the project, whichever is the lesser amount. In the case of land purchases, the 80% ceiling will not apply. All successful applicants will be required to become members of the Association for the duration of the loan period. Any loan offered must be secured by not less than two personal guarantors for multiples of £500 each.
Loans are normally required to be repaid over a period of five years and interest is charged on the following basis:.
Years 1 to 5 at 4% per annum.

In the event of non-payment of loan capital or interest by the due date, interest at the rate due, plus an additional 2% per annum, will be charged on the whole amount outstanding, including the interest due.

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