Patron: Mr W.L Cockcroft
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What We Do

The Kent County Playing Fields Association was formed in 1926 and its fundamental objective throughout has been to ensure that there are adequate facilities for recreation in every city, town and village in Kent and to encourage the provision, improvement, retention and use of playing fields, children’s playgrounds and other recreational centres.

In pursuit of this objective, the Association will co-operate with such organisations and groups as necessary to secure the provision of new facilities and to safeguard existing facilities that may be under threat. Supporting the Association.

The Association has a strong membership that is committed to achieving its Object. The extent to which the Association is able to assist with the achievement of its Object, however, is dependent upon the level of financial assistance it receives year-on-year. If you would like to support the Association, please click here and complete an application form and send it to our Hon. Treasurer.